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​Smart Inventory System

1. Customerized Inventory Management Solution

With various hardware type options, you can initiate more effective and efficient inventory management.

Our Smart Inventory System simplifies your supply chain management and combines them into one solution. It reduces the inventory costs and increasing the efficiency of capital use at the same time. 

ZeroClassLab's image recognition solution enables
real-time inventory checking & demand forecasting

Innovative Volumetric Program

Measure volume, using image recognition

Visualize data with the percentage.
Predict the number of items in the box,

based on each item's volume data


Computerization &  Visualization

Design for easy and efficient usage

​Varieties of hardware design to fit your factory condition
흰색 라운드 카메라
거꾸로 카메라

Autonomous Navigating Robot

Autonomous driving based on IR sensor:

​Suitable for medium/large sized warehouses

Person-control Cart

man-drawn cart:

​Suitable for small/medium-sized warehouses

Attachable camera

Stick to conveyor or wall:

​Suitable for small-scale warehouses or production lines

Smart Inventory Solution Demo Videos

2. Remaining Measurement Solution


ZeroClassLab's image recognition solution also enables more efficient remaining management during the production process.

​Smart Inventory System Expected Effects

cost saving.png

Minimize inventory management costs

Supply the right amount of parts at the right time &

Reduce opportunity cost 


Avoid excess inventory

Provide accurate data & Minimize the possibility of inventory accumulation


Prevent production downtime

Eliminate risk of out-of-stock &

Increase production efficiency

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